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RSS Earl Smith and Angela Hattery

  • Disproportionately Black
    Earl Smith, PhD – Sociology –  George Mason University smithearl8@gmail.com   Angela J. Hattery, PhD – Women & Gender Studies – George Mason University hatterya@gmail.com    Black youth are currently confined in the criminal punishment system Blacks get longer criminal sentences than whites Blacks placed in solitary confinement more than whites Blacks (men) exonerated, even though they are ½ […]
    Earl Smith and Angela J. Hattery  Introduction Race matters (Feagin 2013; West 2000). Race also matters in Sportsworld. Race impacts virtually every aspect of our lives, from the opportunities we have to attend higher education, our access to health care, the foods we eat, the likelihood that we will go to prison, and the sports that […]
  • The ugly underbelly of college sports and the muck and shady dealings that go into recruiting Student Athletes.
    College athletics–especially football and basketball–has a lot of explaining to do. What, with the FBI and the charges brought by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York probing the wrongdoings, we have already seen the firing of Hall of Fame coach — Rick Pitino, now formerly of Louisville. Many more coaches will […]
  • Dear White People (Again)….
    I know, the title is already taken. But bear with me.   Let’s start with some basics.  White privilege (male privilege, hetero privilege, cis privilege, age privilege, religious privilege, class privilege) isn’t about individuals.  It isn’t about whether people are nice or not. It isn’t about whether they have a Black (women, gay, trans, old, […]
  • Stop the assault on false reports of sexual assault!
    Twice this week in the wake of the news reports that Jussie Smollet may have faked a hate crime, commentators on national news cautioned about false reporting of crimes. And, yes, we all should be worried about false reporting, but contrary to popular belief, sexual assaults are rarely falsely reported (though sometimes victims do mis-identify […]