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The Women and Gender Studies Center bridges academic coursework with student development, leadership, and coalition building.

Our mission is to educate the George Mason University community about gender issues and issues of concern to women, and to be a focal point for women’s studies scholarship and research. We strive to partner with academic programs, University Life units, and the Northern Virginia community to provide learning experiences that educate about gender issues; to provide a safe psychological and physical space for people of all races, genders, sexualities abilities, and religious backgrounds.

We host lectures and participate in important programs such as Take Back the Night and Women’s History Month to raise awareness and promote a sense of community on campus. We are located in Johnson Center 240K.  Learn more about our events, access women’s studies resources, and get involved!

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Do you have a question about Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University?

For the quickest response, send us an email to wmst@gmu.edu

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4400 University Drive –Fairfax VA, 22030 –Johnson Center 240K –(703)993-2896






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