Diversity/Inclusivity Statement

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Women and Gender Studies Diversity Statement

Women and Gender Studies seeks to create a learning environment that fosters respect for people across identities. We welcome and value individuals and their differences, including gender expression and identity, race, economic status, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, national origin, first language, religion, age and ability. We encourage all members of the learning environment to engage with the material personally, but to also be open to exploring and learning from experiences different than their own.

Women and Gender Studies Mission Statement

The mission of Women and Gender Studies is to:

(1) Provide an explicitly feminist/queer/multiracial framework/lens for academics, research and student development

(2) Understand and interrogate systems of power and inequality as they shape all aspects of life:  political, social, economic, the arts, humanities, personal

(3) Promote a climate for understanding and appreciating differences that leads to valuing the contributions of everyone

(4) Prepare students to become good global citizens and ethical and socially conscious leaders of the 21st Century

(5) Create opportunities for collaboration and community engagement (service learning, internships, civic engagement)

(6) Develop research and critical thinking and writing skills

(7) Connect student interests and passions with career opportunities and life long learning

(8) Serve as an educational resource to the wider Mason campus through activities that highlight issues of women, gender, sexuality and identity.

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