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Angie Hattery is a sociologist and serves as the Director of the Women & Gender Studies Program at George Mason University. Her research focuses on social stratification, gender, family, and race. She is the author of numerous articles, book chapters, and books, including her latest book Policing Black Bodies (October 2017), African American Families: Myths and Realities (2012/2016) The Social Dynamics of Family Violence (2012/2016),  Prisoner Reentry and Social Capital (2010), Interracial Intimacies (2009); Interracial Relationships (2009); Intimate Partner Violence (2008); African American Families (2007) and Women, Work, and Family (2001).  She teaches classes in gender and sexuality, intersections of race, class and gender, gender based violence and feminist methods.  Her current research is focused on Gender Based Violence in the family as well as in social institutions, including the military, prisons, the Catholic Church, fraternities and Sports.  Her research is grounded in intersectional theory, with an explicit focus on race, class, gender, and sexuality.


Associate Director for Academic Affairs:

David Powers Corwin joined the WGST staff in November 2013.  David holds a B.A. in English and Humanities from Milligan College. They are also an alumni of the MAIS in Women and Gender Studies program and the first student to complete  a dual degree in MAIS  with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies and an MA in English. David came to Women and Gender Studies as the graduate assistant. From 2016-2019, David served as the program coordinator and is now full time instructional faculty in the program. As Associate Director, David serves as the undergraduate advisor, scheduling and catalog coordinator, keeps the door open, and supervises the staff who support our program. He is also the coordinator the the Gender and Social Justice Living Learning Community. His research interests are trauma infused writing pedagogies, LGBTQ studies, television studies, friendship studies, ecofeminism, and literary pedagogies. David is also currently a PhD student in the Writing and Rhetoric program here at Mason. During their (occasional) free time, they like to read, write short fiction, and hang out with friends.


Graduate Program Adviser:

Sierra Scott is the Graduate Program Adviser at the Women and Gender Studies Center. Sierra graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a minor in Nonprofit Studies at George Mason University in May 2016. She is now a current graduate student pursuing her Masters in English with a concentration in Literature and a certificate in Professional Writing and Rhetoric.  Her research interests include the way in which writing and literature communicate therapeutically, in a psychoanalytic sense, for trauma survivors in the body and in the brain. She has worked and volunteered in Lesotho, Philippines, Jamaica, Kenya, Northern Virginia and New York City. In her free time, Sierra loves spending time with her daughter Mila, dancing at Kazaxe, and gardening.


L’Erin Garner-Holden is the Office Manager at the Women and Gender Studies Center. She holds a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Public Relations and Media Arts from Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC. She is a current MAIS Women and Gender Studies graduate student. She began working from George Mason University in 2012 with Housing and Residence Life as the Executive Assistant and then Office Manager/ Executive Assistant. Currently, she will be in a dual collaborative role with Women and Gender Studies as the Office Manager and with Housing and Residence Life as the Project Manager for Staff Development. L’Erin has a daughter, Morgan, who she resides with in Washington, DC.


Program Advisers(Former Program Assistant Team):

Lead Program Adviser

Sophia Artis joined the Women and Gender Studies center as an Office Assistant in the Fall of 2018. She is a junior Marketing Major from Richmond VA. In her free time, she enjoys photography, signing, shopping, and reading. She is passionate about creating positive spaces that welcome creativity and openness to ensure that all voices are being heard. Sophia is interested and open to learning all that she can from joining the team.





 Kier Askew joined the Women and Gender Studies staff in September 2017. She is a sophomore majoring in Communication with concentrations in Media Production and Criticism and Interpersonal Communication. She enjoys learning about people and takes interest in seeing how people’s life experiences shape them into who they are. She is passionate about representations of diversity and intersectionality, and hopes to one day make documentary films that uplift the diverse voices around the world. She is excited to learn as much as she can from working with Women and Gender Studies.






 Nikita Fernandes joined the Women and Gender Studies Center in Fall 2019 as a Program Adviser. She is a senior majoring in Psychology and has a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Nikita is an international student from Bangalore, India. Aside from working on the team, she is a daycare teacher, a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and writes for Her Campus. She is passionate about LGBTQ + activism and building strong girls. Her goal as a Program Adviser is to help create programs that raise awareness around consent and social justice issues. In her free time, she reads poetry and volunteers at a non profit therapy center.



 Angelica Lovelace joined the Women and Gender Studies staff in October 2019. She is a junior majoring in Integrative Studies from Amherst County, Virginia. She is passionated about making sure everyone can reach their full potential regardless of what circumstances they were brought up in. She is interested in building relationships with those on the Women and Gender Studies team and within Mason’s population. She loves watching movies, reading, painting, and playing card games.



Center Mentor Team (Former Office Assistant Team):

Lead Center Mentor 

Sarah Crossen joined the Women and Gender Studies center as an office assistant in the Fall of 2017. Sarah is an undergraduate student pursuing a major in Women and Gender Studies. She is passionate about creating environments where everyone has the ability to be heard and hopes to continue promoting the inclusive, friendly environment in the center. In her free time, she loves listening to and writing music, spending time with friends and family, and playing sports.






Mauricio Torrejon-Ballon is currently a freshman majoring in Criminology with a minor in Intelligence Analysis and concentration in Homeland Security. He enjoys going to the gym, spending time with my family, and hanging out friends. Mauricio loves taking his husky on long-walks, playing video games, and volunteering to help others whenever he has the chance to. He was born here in fairfax, Virginia and his goal for the center is to be able to provide a positive environment for everyone at the office.







Casey Klemmer joined the Women and Gender Studies Center as an office assistant in the spring of 2019. He is a freshman pursuing a major in Women and Gender Studies. He is passionate about creating inclusive spaces where everyone has the ability to be themselves, and hopes to learn more about how to do this in the center. In his free time Casey enjoys watching movies, reading, and spending time with friends. He is excited to see what he can learn as a member of the team.

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