Chase Dreams Not Boys

Chase Dreams, Not Boys is a Women’s Empowerment campaign geared towards fostering independent mindsets in young minority women as early as middle school.  The mission of Chase Dreams, Not Boys is to inspire, uplift, and educate the minority women on campus and female youth in surrounding communities.


  • To build a positive self image
  • To promote self education and awareness
  • To educate and build awareness of social, political, health, and economic issues
  • To emphasize education on issues pertaining to women
  • To create an environment conducive to fostering the goals, ambitions, and dreams of participants
  • To equip with the proper tools to face the challenges of being a minority woman
  • To promote comprehensive-based sex education
  • To outreach to surrounding middle schools, high schools, and other communities

Executive Board: 
Darian Layne, President
Desarai Egerton, Vice President
Natascha Whyte, Secretary
Gabriela Marmolejos, Treasurer
Faryn Fairweather, Fundraising Chair
Caylin Grant, Public Relations Chair
Courtney Burchett, Outreach Chair
-Alice Jordan, Events Intern

Social Media:

Instagram: @cdnb_gmu
Twitter: @cdnb_gmu

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