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 Women & Gender Studies MAIS Student awarded Futures Without Violence Fellowship

MaryAnn Vega, a graduate student in the MAIS program, was recently awarded a fellowship from Futures Without Violence as a part of their Campus Leadership Program. She is one of the ten fellows selected to help raise awareness of domestic violence prevention through establishing FUTURES’ programming here at George Mason.

Futures Without Violence (FUTURES) is a non-profit organization that raises awareness about violence against women and children around the world and offers resources on prevention and assistance to the public. Their Campus Leadership Program is in its third year seeking to create active students that can raise awareness surrounding dating violence, domestic violence, and all forms of sexual assault and harassment present on college campuses.
MaryAnn aims to use the resources offered to her by Futures Without Violence to further destigmatized discussions about sexual assault. She will pursue collaborations from other programs on campus, as well as campus leadership, to continue to work on creating a safer campus for everyone at Mason.
“I want to continue to ensure that all students can feel safe on campus and part of that is creating a space where survivors of sexual violence have a voice and gave feel safe,” Vega said. “George Mason has been taking several steps forward to ensure safety for their students and hopefully, I can work with the school to continue this trend.”
MaryAnn will be flying to San Francisco in August to attend training for FUTURES to learn how to use the programs to advocate for policy change, advertise resources for survivors, raise awareness through public participation and social media, and provide a space for discussion and learning through talks and screenings

David Corwin and Rodrigo Velasquez: Recipients of the Hattery

Family Foundation-Franki Rutherford Memorial Scholarship


David is an MAIS graduate student in Women and Gender Studies. He is currently the graduate assistant at Women and Gender Studies Center and LGBTQ Resources Center. This semester, he served as a teaching assistant for WMST 300-05: Pop Culture, Politics, and Participatory Activism: Navigating Race, Gender, and Sexuality in a Media Based Age.

Rodrigo is a Junior, majoring in Communications with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. He works at the LEAD Office and served as a teacher assistant with WMST 308: Introduction to LGBT Studies. Outside the classroom, Rodrigo is a student facilitator with ODIME and an active member of Mason DREAMers.

The Hattery Family Foundation-Franki Rutherford Scholarship Memorial Scholarship recognizes students who are pursuing a minor in Women & Gender Studies or a Master certificate/concentration in Women & Gender studies. Additionally, it recognizes students who are dedicated to issues of social justice and demonstrates a need for financial support and face other barriers to a college education including, but not limited to:

· Being a first generation college student
· Being an immigrant or the child of immigrants
· Being from the “global south” or other areas in which opportunities for higher education are limited
· Being from a low-income family
· Being a student who receives little support from home due to sexual or gender identity



Angie and Sandy

AAUW Contributes to Our Ongoing Toiletry Drive

The Women and Gender Studies staff send our thanks to Sandy Lawrence and other members of AAUW-Virginia for donating to our ongoing toiletry drive this week.  All donations go to help families at a local women’s shelter. If you have any unused toiletries of your own, please bring them by our office!

Photo Credit: Marisa Allison

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