Past Highlights

2015-2016 Faculty Accomplishments

Rachel Lewis


“Lesbian Cinema Post-Feminism: Ageism, Difference, and Desire,” forthcoming in E. Ann Kaplan, Patrice Petro, Dijana Jelača, and Kristin Hole, eds., Routledge Companion to Cinema and Gender(New York and London: Routledge). 2016.

With Wendy S. Hesford, “Mobilizing Vulnerability: New Directions in Transnational Feminisms and Human Rights,” forthcoming in Feminist Formations28/1.Special issue guest edited by Wendy S. Hesford and Rachel Lewis, “Mobilizing Vulnerability: New Directions in Transnational Feminisms and Human Rights.” 2016.

“Queering Vulnerability: Visualizing Black Lesbian Desire in Post-Apartheid South Africa,” forthcoming in Feminist Formations28/1.Special issue guest edited by Wendy S. Hesford and Rachel Lewis, “Mobilizing Vulnerability: New Directions in Transnational Feminisms and Human Rights.” 2016.

“Transnational Lesbian Cinema in the Women’s and Gender Studies Classroom: Beyond Neoliberal Imaginaries of Desire?” forthcoming in Bruce Bennett and Katarzyna Marciniak, eds.Teaching Transnational Cinema and Media: Politics and Pedagogy (New York and London: Routledge, 2016).

“Immigration,” forthcoming (2016) in Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies, eds. Abbie E. Goldberg.

With Amy Shuman, “Asylum, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,” forthcoming in Nancy A. Naples, ed. Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies(Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)

Invited Talks & Lectures

“Detention, Deportation, and Asylum,” Keynote Lecture, “Keywords in Migration Studies Conference,” University of California, Santa Cruz, May 6-7, 2016.

“Queer Intimacies: Visualizing Black Lesbian Desire in Post-Apartheid South Africa,” Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Washington and Lee University, March 24, 2016.

Supriya Baily


Baily, S. & Holmarsdottir, H. B. (2015).  The quality of equity? Reframing gender, development and education in the post-2020 landscape.  Gender and Education. 27, 826-845.   Doi:10.1080/09540253.2015.1103842 


Elected to serve as the treasurer of the Comparative and International Education Society from 2015-2017.

Ingrid Sandole-Staroste


Making the Case for Systematic, Gender-Based Analysis in Sustainable Peace Building,” co-authored with Dennis J.D. Sandole. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, vol. 33, no. 2,Winter 2015.

David A. Kravitz


Recipient of the Academy of Management, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division, Sage (Career) Award for Scholarly Contributions to Management. (August 2015)

Appointed to be on the Executive Committee of the Academy of Management Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee

Joined AAUW Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

Elected to be on Mason’s Faculty Senate

Benjamin A. Cowan


Securing Sex: Morality and Repression in the Makings of Cold War Brazil. Chapel Hill: UNC Press. Forthcoming, April 2016.

“‘Non-religious Activities’: Sex, Anticommunism, and Progressive Christianity in the Late Cold War.” In Gender, Sexuality, and the Cold War: A Global Perspective, edited by Philip E. Muehlenbeck. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press. Forthcoming, 2016.

“Sexing Empire” (editor), Special Issue. Radical History Review no. 123 (2015).


Appointed to the Board of the Potomac Center for the Study of Modernity and the Tepoztlán Institute for the Transnational History of the Americas

2015-2016 Student Accomplishments

David Powers Corwin (Graduate Student & Staff)

Conference Presentations

2016 Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Lucy Audley’s Deadly Secrets: Power, Violence, and Masculinity in Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret

2016 University Life Student Success Symposium: Achieving Our Goals for Student Success. George Mason University. Co-Presenter with Nancy Xiong: “The Importance of Women and Gender Studies in Student Affairs”

2015 Critiquing Cultures Conference, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Presenter: “Slowly Working Toward Masculinity: Masculinity, Disability, and Heteronormativity in J.M. Coetzee’s Slow Man

2015 Gender, Race, and Transformation Conference, Pacific University, Portland, Oregon. Presenter: “Have We Improved Upon Positive Racial Representation in Television? African American and Asian American Representation in Grey’s Anatomy

Basak Durgun


Recipient of the Provost Summer Research Fellowship

MaryAnn Vega


Recipient of the Campus Leadership Fellowship by Futures Without Violence


Invited panelist on Healthy Masculinities, Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Multicultural Education and Men Can Stop Rape, October 28, 2015.

Invited panelist, Rape Myth Acceptance. George Mason University, Patriots in Action, March 28, 2016.

Vega, MaryAnn. 2015. “Can Campus Climate Change? Rape Myth Acceptance and The Impact of Bystander Intervention.” Presented at 2015 Interventions: Women’s Studies in Action Symposium at the University of Maryland. October 2015

2013-2014 Faculty Accomplishments


Best, Amy L. 2014. “Youth consumers and the fast-food market: The emotional landscape of micro-encounters, Situations as guide for action.” Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research 18:2 (283-300).

Best, Amy L. “Racing Men: Boys, Risk and the Politics of Race” The Urban Ethnography Reader. (2014) Eds. Mitchell Duneier and Philip Kasinitz, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Reprinted from Fast Cars, Cool Rides: The Accelerating World of Youth and Their Cars (2006) NYU Press.

Best, Amy L. 2013. “Racing Men: Cars, Identity and Performativity” Blackwell’s A Companion to Sport. David Andrews and Ben Carrington (eds.) New York: Blackwell-Wiley.

Bindler, R.C., Ball, J.W., London, M.L., & Davidson, M.R. (2014). Clinical skills manual for maternal & child nursing care. (4th ed.). Boston:  Pearson.

Ladewig, P.L., London, M.L., & Davidson, M.R. (2014). Contemporary maternal-newborn nursing care. (8th ed.).  Boston: Pearson.

Chesler, Giovanna Film “Out in the Night”

Davidson, M.R. (2014).  Fast facts for the neonatal nurse: An orientation guide.  New York: Springer Publishing.

Davidson, M.R. (2014).  Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy:  Embryonic, placental and fetal development and growth & maternal anatomical and physiological adaptations. In T. King & M. Brucker. Varney’s midwifery. (5th ed.).  Boston: Jones & Bartlett.

Davidson, M.R. (2014).  Fast facts for the antepartum and postpartum nurse:  An orientation guide.  New York:  Springer Publishing.

Paula Ruth Gilbert was invited to present a paper, “On Being a Visiting Senior Research Fellow,” at the 30th Anniversary celebration of the International Gender Studies Centre at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford University in November 2013.  She continues to work closely with the IGS on some exciting future international projects that will benefit WGST and George Mason.  She also presented a paper, “Filming Global Human Rights Violations against Women and Girls:  Québec’s Rebelle Narrates the Story of a Girl Child Soldier,” at the biennial conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in the United States in Tampa, Florida in November.  The result of this presentation is an article, jointly written with Mary Jean Green of Dartmouth College, “Canada at the Oscars: Kim Nguyen’s Rebelle, the Tale of an African Girl Child Soldier,” and currently under review.  Secondly, she has used her research on girl child soldiers to complete a long article, “Filmic Trauma:  Human Rights Violations in Québec’s War Witch/Rebelle, The Story of a Girl Child Soldier,” accepted for a volume on trauma in national and international film.  At the same Canadian Studies conference in November, she also presented a paper, “Spheres of Influence:  Quebec Women Writers—Gabrielle Roy.”

Gorski Paul, Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty: Strategies for Erasing the Opportunity Gap (Teachers College Press)

Gorski Paul, Pothini, Seema Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education (Routledge)

Editors Gorski, Paul; Zenkov Kristien The Big Lies of School Reform (Routledge)

Editors Gorski Paul; Landsman Julie The Poverty and Education Reader (Stylus)

Harvey, Tamara States of Recollection: How 17th-Century Women Thought About Recovery and the Atlantic World, Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 31.1 (2014): 25-32.

Jones, Rachel (2014). “Re-reading Diotima: Resources for a Relational Pedagogy” Journal of Philosophy of Education 48.2 pp. 183-201

Jones, Rachel (2013) “On the Value of Not Knowing: Wonder, Beginning Again and Letting Be” On Not Knowing: How Artists Think ed. E Fisher and R Fortnum. Black Dog Publishing

Laidi-Haneih, Adila (2014). Grievability as Political Claim Making: 100 Shaheed-100 Lives Exhibition Issues: An Arab Studies Journal

Lewis, Rachel with Amy Shuman (2015), “Asylum, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,” forthcoming in Nancy A. Naples, ed. Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)

Lewis, Rachel with Nancy A. Naples (2015), “Introduction: Queer Migration, Asylum, and Displacement,” forthcoming in Sexualities. Special issue guest edited by Rachel Lewis and Nancy A. Naples, “Queer Migration, Asylum, and Displacement.”

Lewis, Rachel (2015) “‘Gay? Prove It’: The Politics of Queer Anti-Deportation Activism,” forthcoming in Sexualities. Special issue guest edited by Rachel Lewis and Nancy A. Naples, “Queer Migration, Asylum, and Displacement.”

Lewis, Rachel (2015) “Deportable Subjects: Lesbians and Political Asylum,” Feminist Formations 25/2 (2013): 173-193. Special issue guest edited by Jill Bystydzienski, Jennifer Suchlund, and Rebecca Wanzo, “Feminists Interrogate States of Emergency”

Lewis, Rachel (2013) “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Asylum,” in Susan K. Brown and Frank D. Bean, eds., Encyclopedia of Migration (Springer Science and Business Media)

Perry, N., Reybold, L. E., & Waters, N. (2014). “Everybody was looking for a good government job”: Occupational choice during segregation in Arlington, Virginia. Journal of Urban History, 40(4), 719-741

Reybold, L. E. (2014). The irony of ethics: (De)Coding the lived experience of women and minority faculty in education. International Journal of Higher Education 3(2), 92-105.

Reybold, L. E., Lammert, J., & Stribling, S. M. (2013). Participant selection as a conscious research method:Thinking forward and deliberation of ‘emergent’ findings. Qualitative Research, 13(6), 699-716.

Hughes Rinker, Cortney. 2014. “Creating Neoliberal Citizens in Morocco: Reproductive Health, Development Policy, and Popular Islamic Beliefs,” Medical Anthropology, (print version 2015)

Richards, Yevette “Marred by Dissimulation: The AFL-CIO, the Women’s Committee, and Transnational Labor Relations.” In American Labor’s Global Ambassadors: The International History of the AFL-CIO during the Cold War, edited by Geert Van Goethem and Robert Waters. Palgrave Macmillan, November 2013.

Smith, Earl and Angela J. Hattery. 2014. “African American Men and the Prison Industrial Complex.” Blacks Behind Bars: African Americans, Policing, and the Prison Boom.  (ed) Ray Von Robertson.  Cognella Publishing.

Smith, Earl and Angela J. Hattery. 2013, “Venus and Serena Williams: Traversing the Barriers of the Country Club World.”  Pp. Pp. 72-91 in Joel Rosen and David Ogden (ed), A Locker Room of Her Own: Celebrity, Sexuality, and Female Athletes. University of Mississippi Press.


Best, Amy Teacher of Distinction, Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence, George Mason University 2014

Richards, Yevette Tenured Faculty Study Leave for the Fall 2014

Richards, Yevettte Creative Award, Provost Research Award to attend in Vienna, Austria, a workshop entitled“Women’s ILO:  Transnational Networks, Global Labor Standards and Gender Equity, 1919 to Present” April 2014.


Davidson, Michelle

Vice President Smith Island United,

Town council member:  Ewell, MD

Postpartum Support International:  Postpartum Psychosis National Coordinator

National Partnership for Maternal Safety; Committee Member

Center for Disease Control & Prevention & American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists Task Force on Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Working Group:  Protocols and Resources to Support Providers, Patients, Families, and Staff; Committee Member

March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Finalist

Harvey, Tamara:

Appointment to the  editorial board for Legacy


2013-2014 Student Accomplishments 

Graduate Student Marisa Allison was selected to serve on a U.S. Congressional Briefing Panel on Working Conditions for Contingent Faculty in Higher Education, on January 24, 2014, and was selected as Feministing’s“Academic Feminist” for October 2013. Marisa also accepted a position as the Associate Director of Research for the New Faculty Majority Foundation

Certificate Student Ryan Sheehan was the recipient of the Dean’s Challenge Award from the College of Humanities and Social Science. He also was one of the coordinators of the STEM and Women Conference which helps women navigate careers in STEM fields.

Certificate Student Nancy Xiong presented a paper in Sociology 309: Marriage, Families, and Intimate Life Marriage course, George Mason University, VA entitled “Hmong International Marriage.” She was also a panelist and performer for 5 events including our Alumni panel at our Gender Research conference. In November, Nancy also became the new program coordinator for Women and Gender Studies.

Minors, Geoffrey Payne, Ashley Strobridge, Kellie White and Graduate students David Corwin and Ryan Sheehan, and undergraduate staff member, Olivia Meader presented papers at our Gender Research Conference in May.



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